Our story

The ALGO TM project genesis

After many years of research and development on new bio-based raw materials, ALGO PAINT® company has been innovative by substituting local renewables sources for fossil energies. We therefore developed a bio-based paint, natural thanks incorporation of algaes from French coast (Brittany).

Considering next energy regulations for buildings (RT 2012/ RT 2020 / HQE building/ Energy-plus- house), we are willing to propose the healthiest product both in conception and application. ALGO® contributes to indoor air quality of buildings (Free from VOCs) taking into account buildings insulation and thermal issues more and more strong.

As far as conception is concerned, we have moved to a short supply chain, contributing thus to a collaborative and circular economy as well as creation of regional jobs for the future. Moreover, we help protect our environment through the lowest environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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step 1

Air quality

We are facing indoor pollution. The quality of indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the worst outside air.

Produced from natural raw materials, ALGO® TM contributes to improve the indoor air quality of our houses and contributes thus to our welfare: “Healthy paint for healthy habitat”. The range ALGO® TM is composed with bio-based substances up to 98 % and emits less than 1g./liter of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our bio-paint is guaranteed free from pollutant, free from solvent and odorless. European Ecolabel certification, Life Cycle Analysis of our paint and French A+ label recognize both real innovation and specific properties of our ALGO paint®.

step 2

Environment compliance

ALGO® TM is a fine symbol of the high priority we give the environment. Life cycle of our bio-paint is optimized thanks to its formulation: ALGO® TM includes raw materials from local and renewable resources: algae from French coasts (Brittany).

ALGO® TM dares to by-pass raw materials from petroleum origin and stands out from conventional painting available on the market. Indeed, conventional water-borne paints contain until 65 % of substances derivatives of petroleum. Our bio- formulated painting eschews fossil energy linked to petroleum in favor of plant chemistry, giving added value thus to algae from our French coasts.

There are many advantages to give value to algae:

  • Culture of algae require neither fertilizers nor pesticides nor freshwater.
  • Algae do not impinge on agricultural lands used as agriculture areas for populations.
  • Algae are not invasive and have positive impact on the biotope because they sequestrate CO2 and release oxygen.

Thanks to our eco-packaging developed and manufactured from recycled raw materials, our bio-paint range is a high performance product both in terms of its content and its container.

step 3

Local raw materials

ALGO® TM adds value to algae, local and renewable raw materials from French coast (Brittany).

Through incorporation of algae in our paints, we contribute to local economy, employment and local dynamism.

As a “Breton” production, ALGO® TM has been innovative by substituting local renewables resources: the algae for fossil energies.

Thanks to business cooperation and regional researches centers, we incorporated others natural resources such as kaolin and vegetable resin making thus ALGO® an innovative and local production eco-paint, no harmfulness for end-users environment.

We propose natural paint developed, harvested and processed in North-West of France (Brittany) while reducing our carbon footprint in our chains :

  • We favor short supply chain for our raw materials thanks to regional researches centers and business cooperation.
  • We incorporated others natural resources such as kaolin and vegetable resin making thus ALGO® an innovative and local production eco-paint, harmless for end-users environment. We add value to a final waste hitherto remained untapped, thanks to the use of unexploited part of algae.

step 4

High quality products

ALGO® TM is given outstanding properties in its application thanks to vegetable binder and lamellar charges :

  • High smoothness
  • High covering power
  • Excellent penetration of substrates
  • High ageing resistance
  • High permeability

Designed from vegetable raw materials, ALGO® TM meets the requirements of stringent environmental regulations and achieves A+ label regarding indoor air emissions.

ALGO® TM is given outstanding properties thanks to algae. Its lamellar structure improves performances per square meter (about 12 m2/liter). ALGO® TM has a better hiding power compared to a conventional paint on market. Additionally, the distinctive typology of algae gives to the paint film both excellent mechanical strength and excellent durability.

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